Service is the very essence of devotion to God, and the goal of devotion is realizing one’s innate divinity. Sathya Sai Baba emphasizes that every act of selfless service, performed with unconditional love and the attitude of serving God in all beings, blossoms compassion and love, confers peace, removes the ego and establishes the sense of oneness with everyone and everything else.

Although selfless service is to be considered an attitude – the very spirit of sacrifice – and not just an activity, organized service activities strengthen our spiritual discipline and help develop society, which is the very fabric of God.

SSIO members engage in a variety of service activities, including some of the following: providing food, water, and clothing to the needy, orphans and handicapped; visiting hospitals, nursing homes, or shelters for the homeless; organizing medical camps and blood donation drives; initiating disaster and humanitarian relief programs; adopting and establishing transformational programs for underprivileged communities; participating in community development and environmental protection initiatives; visiting prisons; and tutoring, mentoring and supply drives for students and schools.